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    Plant your flag: #TeamKetchup or #TeamMustard? pic.twitter.com/t7Grns5B2J

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    @DowntownPitt @Shop412 Great video! In Pittsburgh, Home Town Is Hero!

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    @grace_drake13 The contest is now over but you can still view submissions at HowDoYouHappy.com. Thanks for being a fan!

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    @shiiiva Please contact our UK consumer affairs team at 0800 528 5757 or here heinz.co.uk/Contact so we can better assist you.

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    @Bea4Biz Great find! You can find more Heinz® trivia here: heinz.com/our-company/pr…

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    @3DNito4ka That's what we call Heinz fan preparedness!

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    @Paisleymoon18 It's our pleasure to give back to these brave men and women that serve our country.

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    @liberonif That looks delicious! Everyone knows everything tastes better topped with Heinz Ketchup.

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    Behold—the King of Condiments in all its dipping glory. pic.twitter.com/bX1TFpN6Xq

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    What's your favorite hack for bringing leftovers back to life? #TBT pic.twitter.com/DztAXvnmjh

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    The Ketchup Hat Trick: Hockey, Heinz and Home Openers. #NHL pic.twitter.com/98dWaZUrJi

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    @gotham_girl129 Try this recipe from our Heinz Ketchup Canadian Branch website: bit.ly/1FlDKSg Let us know how you like it.

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    Pork. Topped with Pork. Topped with Jalapeño Ketchup. #enoughsaid #recipe bit.ly/1KGfLTQ pic.twitter.com/tg0pGiIg6N

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    @crazymanofnwn We’re happy you loved the colored Heinz Ketchup, but we decided we look best in red!

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    @ramblingviolets We love our fans too! Thanks for sharing!

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    Think he ever switched to bargain ketchup? Think again. #TBT pic.twitter.com/4uYyjP52Je

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    @Sarah4GoodHabts We can't get enough ketchup either. Thanks for being a fan!

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    @ItsEzpz We use 100% natural ingredients, including stone-ground mustard seeds and a secret blend of spices and vinegar. #legendary

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    @connorcirillo Now, that's one fancy mustard bottle! Thanks for sharing, Connor!

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    Oh look, a basket of Ketchup with fries underneath. pic.twitter.com/dTlmhZ6kJk

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    Plant your flag: #TeamKetchup or #TeamMustard?

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    10/10/15, 03:50 PM

    Behold—the King of Condiments in all its dipping glory.

  • Heinz Ketchup
    10/8/15, 04:53 PM

    What's your favorite hack for bringing leftovers back to life? #TBT

  • Heinz Ketchup
    10/7/15, 03:50 PM

    The Ketchup Hat Trick: Hockey, Heinz and Home Openers. #NHL

  • Heinz Ketchup
    10/5/15, 03:50 PM

    Pork. Topped with Pork. Topped with jalapeño flavored ketchup. #enoughsaid #recipe http://bit.ly/1KGfLTQ

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    10/1/15, 03:50 PM

    Think he ever switched to another ketchup? Think again. #TBT

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    9/29/15, 03:50 PM

    Oh look, a basket of Ketchup with fries underneath.

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    9/26/15, 01:00 PM

    Our #gameday snack has more kick than your punter. #recipe http://bit.ly/1hR5oTH

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    9/24/15, 03:00 PM

    Ketchup on eggs: morning glory or breakfast blasphemy?

  • Heinz Ketchup
    9/22/15, 01:00 PM

    Take a dip on the wild side with fresh green chilies, refried beans and Heinz Ketchup. #recipe http://bit.ly/1JzMLwo

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    9/20/15, 01:00 PM

    Heinz Ketchup: leading the league in excessive celebrations.

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    9/17/15, 07:00 PM

    This ain’t your daddy’s ketchup. Actually, it is. #TBT

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    9/14/15, 03:00 PM

    Thought ketchup was just a topping? Step your #recipe game up. http://bit.ly/1UjWf7e

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    9/10/15, 03:00 PM

    Master of the Hot Potato. #SrirachaKetchup

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    9/7/15, 01:00 PM

    Only a few grilling days left. Which food are you topping with Heinz Ketchup and Yellow Mustard this #LaborDay?

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    9/2/15, 09:00 PM

    Can your taste buds handle an explosion? We’re happy to present the T’N’T burger. http://bit.ly/1OqOrJE

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    8/31/15, 12:00 AM

    Congratulations to all of those Little Leaguers who played big this year!

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    8/28/15, 09:00 PM

    Salty, savory, and built for a backyard BBQ. Try the Heinz Pretzel Dog for dinner! http://bit.ly/1IrGohk

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    8/27/15, 09:00 PM

    It's time to play ball this Summer with Heinz® Tomato Ketchup. Enter at www.heinzketchup.com/LLsweeps for a chance for your child to play with Andrew McCutchen and participate in a ProCamp! No Purc. Nec. U.S. Leg. Res. 18+ 07/01/15 to 09/09/15 Off. Rules bit.ly/1GvyHiK. Void where proh.

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    A gift for the burger lover in your life. Try the Heinz Double Decker burger. http://bit.ly/1TXd0kV

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    8/20/15, 09:00 PM

    Did you know that Little Leaguers have been playing at Lamade Stadium for 57 years? We’ve always considered #57 a lucky number! #LLWS

  • Heinz Ketchup
    8/17/15, 09:00 PM

    Who else is ready for some Little League World Series action? #LLWS

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    8/10/15, 09:00 PM

    Small in size, big in spirit. Heinz, happy sponsor of Little League.

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    8/7/15, 09:00 PM

    Whatever your weekend plans, this loaded hot dog recipe will fit right in. http://bit.ly/1IrDOYu